About Fullhouse

Fullhouse is a spin-off company built on 17 years of experience in the vacation home rental industry through All Star Vacation Homes, a vacation rental home management and marketing company established in 1998 in Orlando, Florida.

All Star had collected more than 18,000 surveys, booked over 50,000 reservations and served more than 350,000 guests since it was founded. From that experience, data and feedback, the All Star Team recognized the need for first-of-their-kind vacation homes designed and developed specifically to meet the demands of traveling families, businesses and groups. These homes were formally launched as Purpose Built vacation homes in 2009 with the first home completed in 2012 in Reunion® Resort (Orlando). After the successes of the first home and the others that followed, we decided in 2015 to establish the homes as their own company - Fullhouse. The name was created by our CEO, Steve Trover, as he was flying on an airplane. He was seated next to a lady playing cards and as he described the company to her, the Fullhouse name fit! Like a full house hand of cards, the homes are full of so much: friends & family, smiles, fun, memories, amenities, entertainment, space, bedrooms, etc.

Today, we continue to grow the Fullhouse brand in response to our guests’ evolving needs, habits and desires. We still work closely with All Star Vacation Homes, who helped start it all, with the company serving as our official Orlando service provider.